Cleaning BBQ Grills the Magic Way killing the germs off your BBQ

BBQ Cleaning Service Toronto Corona Virus

What were doing… is killing the germs and removing grease right off your BBQ. We use a special plant based de-greaser that is plant based. This formula is safe for the environment and for you.

Are we different?

Unlike some of our competitors, we provide safe a BBQ cleaning service. BBQ Cleaning Services Toronto is still open for business during this Corona Virus Outbreak. Rest assure we are taking proper precautions.

We have upgraded our cleaning formula to a mixed alcohol base solution to help kill bug droppings, germs and viruses. Your health is our priority!

Keeping Your Family Safe.

As you know has been working for many years to help keep your BBQ in a clean and safe operational state. BBQ cleaning is a essential service to keep you and your family safe.

BBQ Cleaning Services is proud to inform you that we have just partnered up with a Canadian company that sells medical cleaning supplies. These cleaning supplies are now incorporated into our cleaning formula we are currently using and best of all it’s plant based! (Food Grade Quality)

A bigger, better supplier!

This company is in the market of selling medical supplies. This means that we now have a new special formula that helps kill any bug droppings, dead insects, spider webs and germs off your BBQ.

We are proud to inform you that it’s a safe plant based disinfection formula that has been used frequently to wash vegetables at the local farms across Canada.

Rest assure that us here at BBQ here in Toronto area has your health in mind when we professionally clean your BBQ.

Our Barbecue Cleaning Service will clean the germs and grease off Your BBQ safely, quickly and affordably.

It’s important to call us…

Our Barbecue service is cleaning the germs right off your Barbecue. We use a plant based medical ingredients in our environmentally safe de-greasing formula. It’s important to call our cleaning services to ensure your BBQ is cleaned and safe to use for the season.