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Welcome to BBQ Cleaning Service

BBQ Cleaning Service provide topnotch services specializing in complete bbq cleaning, repair and restorations. 

We are located in North York and we are here to serve our esteem customers with our skills and common knowledge for barbecues and with quality services while making lasting relationships.

At BBQ cleaning service, our priority is to provide a desirable and effective complete BBQ service so that homeowners can enjoy a healthy and trouble-free experience every grilling season. Grilling is a perfect way to prepare your meats and veggies when it comes to health and taste. But often grilling can lead to a lot of build-up of grease and charred meat or vegetables on your grill, and if you have ever tried cleaning a dirty grill yourself, you should know it can be quite the chore.

Grilling on a dirty grill is not suitable for us and not only does the rotten grease ruin the taste of meat, but burning fat releases cancer-causing carcinogens. Thus, eating well prepared or charred meat may increase facing numerous health threats that even comes developing pancreatic cancer by 60%. Steadily cleanings help you and keep your family’s food uncontaminated by grease, fat and carbon build-up. Our profound cleaning ideas use natural products and steam baths to remove all traces of debris, restoring grills to a new state and making it simpler to keep your grill proper.

All cleaning is done on site by our trained barbecue cleaning professional. It is always good to have a freshened up area and a pleasant clean barbecue environment. Every part of your barbecue’s guts and interior would be well scraped, sanded, and mechanically polished to as clean as we can get it. The barbecue would be returned to its unique place and tested, and the surrounding area has been thoroughly washed. Also, we are conveniently mobile – we can come to your house and clean the BBQ at your house in your back yard. We usually clean it where the bbq is as we DON’T move bbq’s off decks or to the front yard. We usually send a single person and we don’t want no injuries happening on your property. We use a large tarp to cover the area. We leave no mess behind.

Residential BBQ Cleaning Service

BBQ cleaning service offers a cleaning service to assist homeowners in getting the best out of the grilling season. Coming to your house for home service focuses on removing all the grease and grime build up individually from each component of the barbeque and technically dealing with each part of it with a unique procedure.
BBQ cleaning service has fully trained professionals in cleaning the most common barbeque equipments, and we can help you with ordering replacement parts of your grill from our partners.

Why Should I Keep My Barbecue Clean?

According to Health Canada, it states that barbeque owners should make sure that the barbecue and burners are well clean and the briquettes should not have any traces of grease build-up. We implore you to properly inspect the grill before use or contact a licensed expert to do so. This will assist and avoid any potential safety that may occur while using the barbecue.
Cleaning of the grill is also essential to avoid dangerous toxins from animal dropping and insects from getting into the food set on the grill. Lastly, a properly managed barbecue can last for several years depending on how it is managed and avoid neglecting barbecue because it can make it rust.

How Frequent Can I Get My Barbeque Cleaned?

BBQ cleaning service recommends cleaning your grill at least twice in a season for barbeques under normal usage (twice per week in the summer and periodically in the winter). The grill should be inspected by the licensed professional and clean before the first use of the season for safety, health and towards the end of the season for extended performance.

Why Choose BBQ Cleaning Service?

BBQ Cleaning Service was established ten years ago and was owned by a small family that puts their heart into cleaning your barbecue. We are fast, affordable and all barbecues cleaned are done at your home on site. Since the existence of BBQ Cleaning Service, we have been able to work across the GTA with a unique set of skills and knowledge that distinguish us from the industry. 

Our priority is to provide a valuable experience to our customers that will go beyond just the cleaning service, and we also provide some maintenance tips online as well as after service support. At BBQ cleaning service, we believe in satisfying our customers by providing them a convenient and effective barbecue grill cleaning service so that our clients can enjoy the excellent experience every grilling season.

With BBQ Cleaning Service, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Our professionals at BBQ cleaning services are committed to providing through barbecue cleaning service for homeowners. To accomplish this goal, we stick to strict standards that remain consistent across the board.
Below are the steps we take to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our BBQ cleaning service.
Superior customer care starts with partnering with you to understand the specific cleaning of your barbecue. We know your hot buttons, staff’s personal preferences, and facility use cycles. 

Our team utilizes our unique major power tools; the purpose of our exclusive idea is to ensure a thorough clean on every visit.

Our employees are professionally trained; we provide ongoing training for our employees daily.

Our managers inspect work for better quality assurance; our employees’ work is continually inspected to make sure it meets our customers’ taste.

The results in the cleanest and most functional grill possible and after all the parts are cleaned; we put all those parts back together. Also, we will polish your barbecue to ensure it is shining and then to make sure that your grill is functioning well by inspecting burners, igniters and pressure regulator and we monitor the proper gas flow at the end of our job. This is done to make sure everything is ideally more than before.

After the cleaning process, your grill will look clean, and you will feel better about it, and the food will cook more delicious than before because the entire mechanism was clean out. BBQ Cleaning Service will make your grill healthier, cleaner and better.

We use the latest technology, and we know how to make your backyard BBQ repair a fantastic experience. We do BBQ repair and BBQ cleaning service at the same time if possible. We try and cary some general parts with us as much as we can to keep your entire BBQ requirement working correctly and looking new again. Believe us; we can make it a reality!

 BBQ Cleaning Service process includes complete degreasing of the following: 
  • Under the hood
  • Interiors sides and bottom
  • Drips trays and drip pans
  • Control Knobs 
  • Thermometers
  • Burners 
  • Igniters
We look forward to your call or use the button at the top of the page to easily book an appointment with us. 

BBQ Cleaning Service

We are your BBQ Cleaning Service. We clean the bbq on site at your home. All we need is a garden tap and electricity. We take care of the rest. We take your bbq FULLY apart, so every part is professionally cleaned and inspected.

Family Ran - We Care!

We respect your property and your family. We DO NOT contract out students to wash your bbq on a part time basis. We send family and we want to be a apart of yours for years to come. Our prices are fair and we provide quality service.

We Repair BBQ's

We try and cary general parts with us at all calls, so if you need a part we can most likely fix it on the spot. We do “NOT” do return calls to repair as we are a mobile cleaning company and not a repair company. It is best to text our number with pics or text us details.

Affordable Prices

If your looking for a BBQ Cleaning service you came to the right place. We have GREAT reviews and pictures. BBQ Cleaning Services is here to make your bbq clean again. Call us today or easily book yourself online.

3 Burner BBQ

3 Main Burners Inside The Bucket
$ 179
  • Professional Full Cleaning
  • BBQ Tune Up Package
  • Pro Polish Protector Formula

4 Burner BBQ

4 Main Burners Inside The Bucket
$ 199
  • Professional Full Cleaning
  • BBQ Tune Up Package
  • Pro Polish Protector Formula

5 Burner BBQ

5 Main Burners Inside The Bucket
$ 249
  • Professional Full Cleaning
  • BBQ Tune Up Package
  • Pro Polish Protector Formula

6 Burner BBQ

6 Main Burners Inside The Bucket
$ 299
  • Professional Full Cleaning
  • BBQ Tune Up Package
  • Pro Polish Protector Formula
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