BBQ Cleaning Services

Complete BBQ Cleaning $199.99

lowest prices

Family Ran & Operated

fast, affordable bbq cleaning services

We come to you

We provide our BBQ cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA.


I am a fully licensed gas fitter & BBQ Cleaner of over 20 years. You're safety is my priority!

BBQ Repairs

If your BBQ is having low heat or not lighting anymore then we can help you fix it at a low and affordable cost.

Family operated

BBQ Cleaning Services is family run and operated. We keep our prices low & provide professional BBQ cleaning services.

low prices

We are your small, local family run and operated BBQ cleaning service. We keep our prices lower than the big companies.

no acids used

We don't use acids like the other guys. We provide an equal quality cleaning without cancer causing agents.


We are a small family ran providing professional BBQ Cleaning services. We remove the burners, flavor bars, grills and professionally DEEP clean your BBQ inside and out. Low prices, 15+ years, Licensed providing BBQ cleaning services.

deep complete bbq cleaning services

"I called Chris at BBQ Cleaning Services to come clean my BBQ. Him and his wife took the whole BBQ apart and made it like new again! I highly recommend them for your BBQ cleaning needs. Thanks!"
bbq cleaning services
Margaret Hersh
"Chris and his wife came and took my BBQ apart and gave it a DEEP CLEANING. My BBQ looks new again! I'm very satisfied with the BBQ cleaning they provided and the price was affordable." BBQ Cleaning Services is affordable too!
bbq cleaning services
Bradley Morris