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How to make your hamburger juicy

Tips and Tricks on how to make your hamburger bbq meat super juicy

This Trick Will Make Your BBQ Meat Super Juicy is brought to you by Toronto BBQ Cleaning Service

Article: How to Make Your BBQ Meat Juicy.

Tricks on making your BBQ meat juicy.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your BBQ grills! I’m going to teach you how to create juicy full of flavor hamburgers.

Absolutely nothing is better on a sunny afternoon or a cool summer night than a burger (or basically anything, meat or otherwise) straight off the BBQ grill. We can’t put our finger on exactly what results in grilled foods being so amazing, but we know that if grill night were each and every night, we’d be happy.

But no matter how remarkable you’re at grilling. With this easy trick your meat is about to go to the next level!

Easily Make Your BBQ Meat Juicy!

From grilling beginners to skilled pros who know their seasoning, we’re all on the perpetual quest for the best burger making method. But here’s a little-known top secret: You don’t require to travel to the best burger joints in the country to discover it.

The Secret!

According to Master Chef Kevin Suzza, you can create perfectly juicy burgers at home, and it’s a lot less complicated than you may think. He told ABC News the key is placing an ice cube in the center of a patty, folding the meat around it, and then grilling it. That way, the ice keeps the meat patty moist so it doesn’t dry out.

Yet another common grilling error that leads to dry burgers? Biting into your meat right away. If you allow for the patty sit for 5 minutes just after taking it off the grill, the juices that have pooled in the middle of your burger will reabsorb into the rest of the meat. Don’t worry, those couple of extra minutes of drooling will pay off.

Don’t add spices

Kevin also stressed that the utmost important part of your burger should be, well, your burger. Let that juicy meat take center stage without having any added ingredients thrown in as seasoning, like peppers or onions. “You don’t need to do that,” he said. “You need it to be just straight meat.”. This will help make your BBQ meat juicy.

Therefore the next time you grill up some hamburgers, try pressing an ice cube straight into the raw patty just before grilling it.

Do you have any other burger making strategies you’d like to share?

Please leave your comments below. We would LOVE to hear from you on the ways you make your BBQ meat super juicy.

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Cleaning BBQ Grills the Magic Way

5 EASY ways to estimate how much propane you have left

5 EASY ways to estimate how much propane you have left is brought to you by BBQ Cleaning Service Toronto.

Before you start up your BBQ Grill and throw your food on the rack, you will need to know how much gas you have prior to you get started.

Here are five techniques you can use to tell if your propane tank has enough fuel to cook your food. No matter what tools you have available, you can figure it out with one of these four simple techniques.

5 EASY ways to estimate how much propane you have left with hot water
1. Use warm water.

The Toronto BBQ Cleaning & Repair YouTube Channel shared this safe and simple trick to determine how much propane is left in your tank. To do it,

Fill a small bucket with warm to hot water.
Pour the water down the side of the propane tank.
Run your hand along the side of the tank and feel for a cool spot.

The top of the cool spot that you feel with your hand on the side of the propane tank is the fill level of the tank. The propane tank is cool due to the fact liquid propane inside the tank absorbs heat from the water, which results in the metal wall of the tank cool to the touch).

5 EASY ways to estimate how much propane you have left with a scale
2. Weigh the tank.

Most propane grill tanks come with two numbers stamped on the handle – the water capacity (“WC”) and “Tare Weight” (TW – the weight of the tank when it’s empty). Most BBQ tanks weigh about 17 pounds when empty and hold about 20 pounds of fuel.

To measure how many pounds of propane are left in your tank, just weigh it on a bathroom scale and subtract the TW number. For instance, if a tank weighing 27 pounds has a TW of 17 pounds, there’s around 10 pounds of gas remaining – a little more than 50 percent.

5 EASY ways to estimate how much propane you have left with a guage
3. Put in an exterior gauge attachment.

External propane tank gauge options include:

Inline pressure gauges install in between the gas line from the bbq grill and the cut-off valve on the tank, measuring pressures to estimate how full the tank is.

Analog propane scales look like luggage scales and are pre-set to take your tank’s TW into account.

Digital propane tank scales offer you a digital readout of remaining cook time and gas fill percentage. Some even come with cell phone apps.

Choose the gauge you like (your local hardware retail store has them, so does Amazon) and give it a go!

 level of numbers
4. A little math goes a long way.

In being able to estimate how long one propane tank will last. First, consider that one gallon (3.8 liters) of propane produces approximately 92,000 BTUs. Divide that number by the BTUH (BTUs per hour) rating of your grill.

This leaves you with the number of hours it will take for you to use one gallon of propane at the grill’s maximum heat setting.

Finally, multiply the number of hours by the number of gallons in the tank. A full 20-pound (9-kilogram) propane tank holds 4.7 gallons (17.8 liters) of propane.

If your grill has an output of 32,000 BTUH, you would get approximately 13.5 hours of cook time out of a standard propane tank if you were cooking at maximum heat. If you’re only using two out of four burners, you could estimate that the approximate cook time would be double.

5 EASY ways to estimate how much propane you have left by using a clock
5. By Cook Time:

While this strategy is still just a rough approximation, it’s helpful to keep track of cook times and heat settings. If you overlook to write it down someplace, you can pair this strategy with one of the five above techniques. This will help you to estimate roughly how much cook time is left in a tank.

Safety First

Do not get burned by your propane cylinder. Just stick to these 5 tips to know how much gas is left in your tank before your next BBQ cooking!

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