Welcome! I’m going to tell you how we set our self up once we are at your home. Most importantly I’ll say it in steps and go into detail, so you know exactly how we do things.

Step1. Make sure you have a lot of spare time because when we first started over 10 years ago we took half a day just to clean ONE bbq, therefore it was a painful process. Get ready to get some scratches. The guts of the BBQ are very sharp. Make yourself free for the day dedicated to scrubbing.

Step2. You will need quite a few supplies. You can get most of the stuff at home depot. Here is a list of items you will need. I will tell you the way WE do it. We use course scrubbing pads. Soft scrubbing pads. Iron soft plated wheels. Drill brushes. Degreaser like ( Simply Clean Grease Fighter ) liquid or something similar. You will need some strong scrappers, dish soap, Angle Grinder, Drill “cord and cordless” both are needed. Rags, Paper towels, Safety Equipment. Clothes that you don’t care about. Boots, thick gloves. Lots of coffee to keep from getting tired (it’s very hard on the body), Screwdrivers and a good outside stainless steel polish formula.

Let’s start cleaning!

After you are all set up you need to put a thick Xtra Large tarp under the bbq and area. That way we leave no mess behind.

We use everything in the list above to clean every part we can with a good few soapy washes, in the end, to make sure no chemicals or anything else we don’s want in the bbq is flushed away.

Give it a good long rinse with the garden hose. Make sure you really spray everywhere.

Now take your paper towels and start to dry and polish the bbq. put everything back together and turn the bbq on slowly and let it start to heat up.

Dry It Off

Once the BBQ is nice and hot you can then turn it off and open the lid. Leave the lid open for 10 minutes. Also, open the bottom drawers and ensure the air can flow through hence we want the bbq as dry as we can get it, quickly.

You’re Done!

Do It Again 🙂

Now go get some delicious burgers, chicken and hot dogs and make it dirty again. 🙂

Toronto BBQ Cleaning Service is always here for you. Please, don’t hesitate to call us for all your bbq cleaning and repair needs!

Family Ran and powered with care. We work hard to make you happy!

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