Pressure Washer vs Electric Grinders, Safety & Health…

Toronto BBQ Cleaning Services has upgraded their way of cleaning compared to the “aggressive way” some companies use.

We do on occasion use power tools, but they are used quite rarely and used softly. Let us tell you how we like to clean BBQs. We think you will find it very interesting.

We find that instead of grinding down your bbq back to the original metal “minus scratch marks” that using a power washer with some good old fashion scrapping and scrubbing the grease comes off! No need for acid and power grinders with sandpaper disks *fun to watch at night as the area lights up with sparks*. Many use a wire brush which is hundreds of little metal bristles all squished together. When you put this on a grinder and start cleaning a bbq some of the little bristles fly out quite far into your yard. We enjoy using our pressure washer as it’s natural and chemical free. We don’t have to worry about the fragile metal slivers flying all over your back yard and area.

We find that using water pressure pulls the grease off the grills nicely and ensures that grease does not go anywhere except where we want to be. “on our large industrial tarp”.

When we get to your home we like to wet the area to prevent any oil from sticking on your ground. We then put a large industrial tarp on the ground under and around your bbq. This prevents any grease from touching the ground.

We then put a small tote container under your bbq bucket to catch everything we scrape and power wash out. All those chunky bits will fall into the tote container, so you get NO grease on your property. We then take it away, so you don’t deal with it.

We slowly take your bbq apart cleaning each part one as well as inspecting it. Toronto BBQ Cleaning Services provide a general tune-up and oiling with every bbq cleaning package. Contact us anytime.

We are a small family business, so we work hard to be a part of yours. We will work very hard to make your bbq look clean again in a safe and proper way.

We use a Yamaha Industrial Pressure Washer. It’s very powerful. It will really clean any bbq very close back to new!

We have had many people watch us as we pressure washed. It was like an art form. We even cleaned the deck for many people and they came out VERY happy. Not only did they have a clean bbq, but we also lightly cleaned the deck area and it looked more refreshed.

Unlike some companies, we don’t like to use the grinder with the metal wire brush that turns very quickly. The reason is they break off as you grind and the broken off pieces fly into the yard, your deck, all over the place. Someone has even chocked on a wire brush wire that got stuck in her food.

We also don’t use a powerful acid to clean your bbq. We just have a power washer, degreaser from home depot. Many years of experience cleaning BBQs. Wonderful reviews and a bunch of local supporters.

We would love for you all to book an appointment and have your bbq cleaned by us. We won’t let you down!

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