Well hello everyone. Thank you for stopping by. I almost lost my finger today by a raccoon, yes RACOON. If it wasn’t for my gloves, my finger would have been a goner!

A lovely couple called in asking if we could make their old bbq’s they have in the storage shed in the back of their farm new again.

Of course, we said YES! We will try and make them as new as possible. Toronto BBQ Cleaning Services has over 10 years of bbq cleaning experience, so the best we can do will be the best it’s going to get for your bbq “unless we do the grinding technique most other bbq cleaning companies do…”, but we all know that grinding a bbq back down to the metal isn’t the best solution.

“We have a lot of really nice before and after pictures on our BBQ Cleaning Services website if you want to have us clean your bbq a more safer, affordable, faster & updated way.

When we arrived today they greeted us at the gates. It was a big farm with horses, chickens, pigs and I even saw a few cows in the far distance. It was like heaven on earth, BEAUTIFUL.

The fresh air, the cool breeze of clean oxygen. It was such a beautiful place

….. UNTIL……

I look over at his old leaning, unsafe, rotting, rusty, stinky shed that looked like it was going to fall over any minute!

He said “I’m sorry, but I haven’t been well enough to upkeep my shed, but the bbq’s are inside. It’s unlocked, so go right on in…”

Well first off I really didn’t want to do it. I mean I could be walking into my death trap. I thought about it for a minute and after seeing his smile and happiness we were there I said, yes. I’ll do it and marched right up to that door and swung it open.

To my surprise, I heard a BUNCH of scrapings like a rake trying to rake across a wood board. I then saw those big BLACK eyes. OH MY GOD, they were all staring right AT ME!

The big FAT one that was nearest to the door on the left just JUMPED UP like a basketball player right at my body.

I quickly LEAPED to the side and while doing that I put my hand out to stop it, but as I stretched out my arm towards it face I wasn’t fast enough and it just latched onto my hand and started to bite me.

It held on for a few seconds continuously biting me. It was too fat and could not hold on, so it let go. I started to scream at them and I backed away from the door. They ran out and climbed up a tree and just stared at us.

I quickly look at my finger and it was sore and scratched up, but I was ok. They didn’t scratch me deep and I just mended it up and continued to grab them bbq’s out of the shed and clean them up.

I did tell him that it’s best that we leave the bbq’s OUT of the shed. The customer and I laughed and I continued the cleaning and enjoyed the rest of my time there.

Nothing feels better than cleaning a bbq outside on a warm sunny day with just you and the BBQ. It’s hard to explain, but cleaning bbq’s to me is like an artist with a brick clay.

With us, it’s more than just a well-used BBQ. It’s our job at Toronto BBQ Cleaning Services to make this into a clean bbq and all while doing it safely for you and your family. We rarely use that angle grinder brush that leaves behind metal pins all over the place. I think we’re one of the only companies that can say that.

We also don’t use acid’s to clean your bbq, but in the end it’s just as clean. No need to grind down your bbq down to the metal, “unless you enjoy going out every few years needing a new bbq”…

We as a small family BBQ Cleaning Service hope you will call us and book an appointment when you need someone. We want to be that someone and if you at ANY TIME have any questions, just ask here in our little blog. It’s dedicated from my family to yours and to all of us in the GTA.

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