First off thank you for coming to our BBQ Cleaning Service Blog My name is Chris and I’m one of the owners. I have PERSONALLY cleaned thousands upon thousands of bbq’s over the last 20 years. I like to think I’m a master of cleaning, repair, and restoration. It takes me about 2 hours to clean and tune up your bbq.

A bit more about me.

I’m a fully licensed Gas Fitter with many years of experience. My good friend and I have trained some of my family members and longest and closest family friends on how to clean a bbq to perfection with some special, serious bbq power tools and some special bio-friendly de-greasers and cleaners. I can clean your bbq and do it at a better price than my competitors on the top of Google. We also guarantee that we will make you feel like truly care through our smile, handshake and our quality of work.

What you DON’T Want…

Do you want a college student that rushes through the job, so he can get his pay and go home? You DON’T get that from us.

I heard there is a company that just takes your bbq away from your home and gives it back a WEEK later. No, that’s not us either…

Some people might even try and TAKE your bbq away and bring it back a week later. We don’t like that idea. You EAT off your bbq. We like to do it in the open where you SEE what’s happening. We live in Toronto. Safety is our priority and I’m sure it’s yours too.

What We Don’t Do…

We NEVER send summer students as I’m sure you are looking for a “professional adult with experience”. We also don’t toss your BBQ in the back of a rented truck and clean it somewhere else. All work is professionally done IN your back yard with industrial floor tarps and other area protectors. We leave NO mess behind, honestly. Over the last 20 years of cleaning bbq’s, I have perfected a way to scrape down all the grease into a bucket and keep your area clean. We like it when you and your family watch us from inside. If I was a customer I’d be curious too! We work hard to make you happy and your bbq clean and safe.

I am frequently asked the same question by customers which is

“what is the difference between you guys and the others”.

Well, there are a few things actually. I want to take only a couple of minutes of your time to explain the difference. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my answer. I honestly want you to know me and my family and why we truly care about you, your bbq and your family.

The HEAD Boss – Christine *my wife*

My wife is the head boss of not just the home, but of the company as well. She was a nanny/housekeeper for 30 years, so cleaning is her life. Personally cleaning, restoring and repairing BBQ’s is MY life. We honestly love our life and wouldn’t change anything for the world. Us together are a power couple when it comes to providing a friendly and professional cleaning service.

We Have 5 Children, Cleaning is our life!

Yes FIVE children under 18 years old, so yes… lots and lots of cleaning. We teach them manners, respect and to perform the best they can at anything they do. You can expect that from us too. BBQ Cleaning Service is what we and we do for a living and we treat everyone with the most respect.

You can usually find us at Earl Bales park on the weekend with our friends and family enjoying a delicious bbq. If you see me don’t forget to stop by and say hi! I’ll make you a hotdog or a burger and meet my family!

We are happy, energetic and think that family always comes first.

BBQ Cleaning Service – Family Company VS NON Family

Some companies hire “contractors” to come to your home. Maybe it’s a young college student that just wants to make a few extra dollars this summer.

A Family BBQ Cleaning Service offers a very personal and important touch which is “We Truly Care and we work hard as a family to ensure you are happy. We want to see you again next year and the year after.

You can reach us anytime by phone, text or email.

Thank you!

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