First off I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this.

This will be just a short disclaimer, so there are no confusions while we do our business together.

  1. I am a Fully Licensed Gas Fitter. I clean, repair and replace BBQ parts. I do not refund labor as it’s a cleaning job. It’s like asking your nanny or housekeeper for a refund if they don’t clean your clothes or dishes properly. I’ll try my absolute best to make you happy and put all my effort to make your bbq clean and in new as a condition as I can with my 23 years experience. I promise, so please don’t let the “no refund” policy turn you away. If I’m not mistaken ALL my competitors have the same policy, so I’m following normal practice for us BBQ Specialists.
  2. All I need from you is a garden outlet tap and an electrical outlet somewhere in the area of your bbq. I do come with a 100-foot garden hose and a 50-foot electricity extension cord, so usually, I never have a problem. I just thought I’d mention it here just so it’s clear. I want to make you very happy with the magic I perform with bbq’s and I can’t work to my full capabilities without power and water. I work hard with my heart and my hands to really DEEP clean all of your bbq. I then take pictures. I want it to shine! 🙂
  3. Everyone MUST pay within a few hours after the cleaning. I don’t like waiting to get paid just as much as you would not want to have to wait to get paid at your job either. It’s my company and this is a rule I put in place, so if you hire me, please don’t take a day or two to pay. Think of me as like a Pizza Delivery Man. I deliver a cleaning and I get paid before I leave. Nice, simple and easy. 🙂
  4. Please, give me 24 hours notice if you are going to cancel. Your dentist, doctor, car mechanic and pretty well EVERYONE asks the same thing. It’s a respect thing and helps me find someone to take your booking slot if you can’t be home or change your mind. If I was going to charge you 100.00+ for the cleaning as an example and you cancel… I loose 100.00 that day… I’m a one-man operation, so I can’t spend much time if any trying to get someone to replace your spot at the last minute and I shouldn’t have to. If you end up a “no show” for your appointment I’ll be sending you an invoice for $200.00 plus tax. If you don’t pay then I’ll have to go to a small court, subpoena you and bring all my evidence (call recordings, your computers IP address, your texts and everything else and the judge will act. I’ll then charge for my day off as well and that will be a lot more than the cleaning cost I was going to charge you. After I show the judge my disclaimer and all the evidence to the judge and win I can sell the debt for a 30% loss to a collection agency, but at least I get some of the money that I lost back and you’ll be put in collections with possible garnishing of your wages, vehicle or house. I work with C&C Collections and they play very nasty (that’s why i hired them). No one want’s to call your work and your home all the time trying to collect money every day forever. I’ll keep reselling the debt contract as it’s easy to do and only takes a phone call or two to do.

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