Someone here in Toronto sent me an email inquiring about my service. Here is what they asked…

” So I put two deliciously marbled prime steaks on the bbq tonight. After turning them, I went into the house for less than five minutes, which was enough time for smoke to start pouring out of the vents. By then the flames were too big for me to open the lid, so I stood helplessly by as my steaks charred. (We ate hot dogs.) How do I avoid this in future, or, fix it if it does happen again?

For safety’s sake, if you have a BBQ please please please, make sure you check it over before use! The costs of ignoring simple safety can be devastating.

Grease fires are unfortunately an all too common danger, especially with live fire in the BBQ.

The main rule if your BBQ flames up is to NOT pour water on the fire. It will just flare up and spread.

Flare-ups can be a real danger with live fire cooking. Keep your BBQ off of wood decks and clear of vinyl siding. In fact, its good practice to remove any and all flammable material at least twenty feet away from BBQ’s. This includes the ground (dry grass can catch fire in an instant in the dry summer months).

As a fully licensed Gas Technician, I receive the HVAC Magazine every month which has some happy and not so happy news. One thing that I see in almost EVERY magazine I receive is someone getting hurt or dying from a flame up or a propane tank explosion from a BBQ fire or some outdoor gas appliance.

I always tell everyone to call me each and every year (before) you start using your BBQ, as your life may depend on it. In my early 20’s I was the type of person that would just ignore the mechanic when he told me to change my breaks every 50 thousand Km’s. I would be the one to ignore my doctor when he said to eat a healthier diet, or I can get sick and end up 6 feet under earlier than I think. Before the law passed on Texting and driving, I was the one that was always on the phone typing, working on my webpage while driving down the Gardner Express Way.

Well, I learned the hard way. I was in a car accident when I was in my 20’s because my breaks would not work properly in the rain. I use to be 230 lbs standing at 6’1 on blood pressure medications feeling sick all the time. When I was 24 years old I was texting my best friend as I was driving down the highway…

Now that I’m an adult of over 40 years old I can look back and just shake my head on what I was doing. Now I have a family and drive the speed limit. I lost a lot of weight and attend a gym at least once a week. I now have a blue tooth and use that almost 24 hours a day to run this company while I drive from one customer to the next. No more texting and driving. I’ve come a long way…

My point is that Gas Technicians go to school to help save lives and keep gas equipment from catching on fire or blowing up. We work very hard and since things change on an annual basis, we have to always go back to school and update our studies. Technology is changing every day. I’m proud to say I always get high marks as I take my job very seriously. Peoples lives are in my hands on a daily base.

Not having your BBQ cleaned, tuned up and fully inspected is just a horrible idea.

You might not want to spend a hundred or two to get a professional gas fitter to clean and inspect your BBQ, but I can promise you that it could be the best decision you’ve ever made for you and your family.

My prices to clean, tune-up and service your gas appliances are one of the lowest prices on Google.

My 21 years of experience & advanced training with Maytag, Keep Rite, Wolf, KitchenAid, Samsung, Ducane, Weber, LG along with many other manufacturers is well worth the little bit I charge to help protect your property and your family’s life.

If you have any questions, please give me a call. I will be more than happy to answer any questions and help in any way I can. I don’t want to be reading about you and your family in the next HVAC Magazine…

Gas Technician and BBQ Specialist. – Chris – (647) 786-6445\

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